Future Operating Base

To date, there are only two confirmed Future Operating Bases (FOBs) in the Mutant West, one near the settlement of Swell in the Hive Wastes, and another in the Black Hills not far from Silver City.

Each was designed by the scientists in Project Aurora to be able to at least temporarily support a full breeding population of uncorrupted humans, providing each colony with the tools and resources they would need to begin to rebuild an American society in a future in which the Martians and their allies had all been killed by the natural microbes already present in Earth’s atmosphere. Each FOB was also supplied with technical equipment that could be used to establish contact with other successful FOBs, which eventually allowed the colonists in Sentinel Base to learn of the existence of the mysteriously (and severely) underpopulated Starfall Base.

Many of the FOBs were not complete when the people who were supposed to live in them were sent into the future, and were only finished by Aurora Agents in secret in the years after the war ended. It is unclear how many FOB’s were successfully seeded into the future via Chronogate, and it is distinctly possible that some seed populations arrived in damaged or unfinished FOBs.

Despite the use of time travel technology to create the FOBs, they were not populated simultaneously.

Starfall Base

Home of Content Not Found: Ghost and Content Not Found: Jeffrey

Sentinel Base

Setting of the latter half of the original Pulp Apocalypse game. Technically two FOBs, Sentinel Base is comprised of two high-tech underground facilities in the shadow of an unfinished granite monument referred to only as “the Sentinel” by the locals of the largely untamed Black Hills.

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