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Civilization Has Ended

The Martians came in 1936. We fought them. We lost. The invader’s victory was pyrrhic. They had conquered the earth, but soon became sick themselves, as the weapons they used to defeat us turned against them. They occupy the coastal cities of North America, fortified with alien technology and served by generations of human slaves.

The great The Mutant West of what was once the United States is now overrun with the descendants of mutants created by Martian bioweapons in the early stages of the war, as well as aliens and evolutionary throwbacks once held in the Martian’s menageries and slave dens.

The Martians have ruled the planet for generations uncounted, but the plans put into effect by a desperate cabal of scientists and inventors in the closing days of the War of the Worlds have finally come to fruition. Colonies of uncorrupted humanity have suddenly appeared, some protected by Mystery Men and superhumans who have seemingly survived from the days before the war.

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